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Small groups

String trios and quartets

1994 - Seascapes for String Quartet Funded by Australia Council Level - professional string quartet or university students.10 mins

2010 - Lydian Caprice for string quartet. Commissioned by the Wilhelm String Quartet London for the Crossroads Festival Australia. Level - professional. 8mins. Hear on Hear Sounds page.

2014 - Adagio Melancolico for two violins. 3 mins.

2017 - Mud Moon for String Trio. Commissioned for miletsone birthday celebrations of Australian ceramicist Ros Auld. Level - professional or university level. 8 mins.


2015 - Gallipoli Sensings - for Wind Trio (bass clarinet/clarinet, French horn, Bassoon) - for the Wind Trio of the Royal Australian Navy Band Sydney, commissioned for the Contemporary Gallipoli Exhibition Macquarie University Gallerey, Sydney. 9 mins

2015 - Ratoos - for flute choir. 3 mins.

Small mixed ensembles

1993 - Song of Union - for mezzo-soprano and mixed ensemble. A positivity blast! Short

1990 - The Mayfly (a song-cycle)- A setting of a lecture by Dr David Suzuki, for an 'El Cimarron' type of quartet of low female cabaret singer, flute, guitar and percussion (including marimba and/or vibes). Environmental theme. Level - professional 'new music' ensembles or university groups. 27 mins

2016 - Scar Tree - for flute, violin, guitar, percussion. Commissioned by the Primal Dance Company (for the Sydney Fringe Festival and East Coast Tour). Level professional. Length 17 mins.

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